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Community Schemes – Carefree Management

Trustees and owners of schemes have a daunting task in terms of the new dispensation. Enforcing rules, collecting levies, complying with the Ombud’s requirements, compulsory reserve funds, insurance and dispute resolution are but a few of the new innovations.
CS Management provides a unique system for comprehensive management of all schemes. The owners and trustees can relax and leave everything to the management by our team of experts. As a bonus everyone has direct access to the system via the internet. In that way all owners and trustees know exactly what’s going on and have no responsibility. Sectional Title and Community Schemes have become daunting to manage and negotiate. Two new Acts, the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act 8 of 2011 and the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act 9 of 2011 have changed the landscape of all community schemes forever. The legislation provides for new management procedures and a unique litigation process for Community Schemes. These Acts replace the existing Sectional Titles Act, 1986 regarding management.
CS Management provides a unique management service. Any sectional title scheme or community scheme (golf estate, full title scheme, retirement scheme ect.) register with us at a nominal fee. We do all the administration which includes :
  • day to day management
  • maintenance replacement plans and reserve funds
  • financial management up to balance sheet
  • rendering of statements
  • collecting of levies
  • completion of all reports
  • clearance certificates and monitoring of transfers
  • arrangement of meetings
  • support with meetings
  • all trustees duties
  • all compliance measures
  • Annual report forms
  • Ombud communication and payment of Ombud levies
  • all legal work & advice (collection of levies, Ombud dispute resolution, normal litigation)

All owners, trustees and interested parties have full access to our internet-based program and can keep up to date with every activity of the scheme from day to day. Instructions can be given online and every process can be monitored moment by moment.

Attorneys, Estate Agents and Trustees must enforce and comply with the critical aspects of the legislation. New rules are prescribed. The new litigation process is through the Ombud Service and requires in depth knowledge of the regulations and the Acts. A minefield has been set for managing agents. Contravention may have serious consequences.

Let us take care of your headaches. Phone us at 060 497 2512 for a free demonstration and quote.

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Community Schemes – Carefree Management