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Our lives have become increasingly computer and digitally driven and consequently we have to be aware of data theft and incursions that have become prevalent. We have to make sure that our personal information is safe at all times. As a professional service provider, we would like to encourage you to stay safe, especially in...
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Testamente is vir almal

Covid19 het die realiteit van die dood nader gebring aan elkeen van ons as ooit tevore. Ons het ‘n verantwoordelikheid teenoor ons geliefdes om te sorg dat ons sake in orde is. Selfs indien jy ‘n testament het, mag dit verouderd wees. Dalk het jy intussen getrou of nuwe bates aangeskaf. Dalk is daar kinders...
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Relentless pursuit

We render a service that deals effectively with defaulting debtors and those who run from their obligations. Civil litigation has become tedious as a result of ever increasing legal red tape. In addition, the judiciary is tainted by the example of prominent people that scoff at the rule of law and the Constitution. We have...
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High Court in limping mode

The LSSA Legalbrief of 16 October expresses serious concerns over the state of the judiciary nationwide. Locally, in Mpumalanga, we recently addressed the dismal state of the filing system of the civil division of the Magistrate’s Court in a Facebook post, subsequent to which the system was drastically improved. The LSSA Legalbrief focusses on the...
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