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High Court in limping mode

The LSSA Legalbrief of 16 October expresses serious concerns over the state of the judiciary nationwide. Locally, in Mpumalanga, we recently addressed the dismal state of the filing system of the civil division of the Magistrate’s Court in a Facebook post, subsequent to which the system was drastically improved. The LSSA Legalbrief focusses on the...
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Morals landlords and the law

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many businesses hard, in many instances to the point of closure. Some Landlords have shown empathy, however, not everyone has the same perception of what empathy is. Landlords, in many instances, grant generous extensions and reductions for payment of arrear rent, however, most  require the tenant to bring the arrears...
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COVID-19 measures

During the lockdown from Thursday 26 March 2020 our firm will not be available at our offices in Nelspruit. We will however still be operational. Service can be effected at land@csprok.co.za (Yolandi). For general inquiries we can be reached at 060 497 2512. The directors and staff will work from their respective homes and will...
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