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Seminars : Magistrate’s Court Rules and Evictions

Capturefb2Case law on evictions have had a profound effect on procedures. Seminars will be presented in Stellenbosch and Cape Town on the 10th and 12th March 2015. The seminars will deal extensively with new procedural developments in evictions emanating from recent case law. The application of the most frequently encountered new rules of the Magistrate’s Court will also be dealt with. Precedents of motions and affidavits as well as pleadings will be discussed and provided. Note that the seminaar in Stellenbosch will be presented in Afrikaans.

The presenter is Christo Smith an attorney with 27 years experience who specialises in this field of the law and who is the author ofEviction & Rental Claims : A practical Guide. He has also recently published a reference work on the new Magistrate’s Court rules, titledCivil Procedure in Magistrates’ Courts : The Practitioner’s Manual.

Seminars in other locations such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London and George will also be presented during June to August 2015. The venues and dates will be announced in due course.

Seminars : Magistrate’s Court Rules and Evictions