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South Africa on the slippery slope to anarchy

If you have ever wondered whether the ANC will concede defeat at any future election, here is the answer. The following is an extract from Legal Brief (published by the Law Society of SA and Juta) of 12 February 2021 and its contents is so startling that one cannot over-empathise the pivotal importance thereof. It basically relates to a civil war being forged by Carl Niehaus and his band of quasi-military ANC brothers. Why they have been allowed to operate whilst the Commando’s, that secured rural safety, have been disbanded, is another question for another day. Here is the mind-blowing account of looming civil war:

“Not only has Zuma confirmed he won’t be at the commission on Monday, he will be protected from any who seeks to arrest him. This was the message from uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) spokesperson Carl Niehaus after a lengthy meeting with Zuma at Nkandla yesterday (Thursday). A ‘platoon’ of military veterans will maintain a ‘constant presence’ outside former President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead to ‘protect him’, Niehaus is quoted as saying in a TimesLIVE report. Niehaus said the meeting, which lasted more than seven hours, ‘went very well’. He said there was an in-depth discussion on the ‘current state of affairs in SA’, and they spoke ‘in detail’ about Zuma’s defiance of a Constitutional Court order compelling him to appear at the state capture commission. ‘In the meeting, he reiterated that he definitely will not go to the commission,’ said Niehaus. It was a decision, he said, the MKMVA ‘fully supported’. Niehaus added that the military vets were ‘fundamentally opposed to any warrant of arrest and for him to be arrested’. ‘We’ll do everything within our means and protect him, and prevent him from being arrested. A platoon of MKMVA soldiers were at Nkandla when we arrived and they formed a guard of honour. The intention is for them to stay there, and from time-to-time to change platoons. But there will be a constant presence to protect President Zuma,’ said Niehaus. The MKMVA spokesperson confirmed that they snubbed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address, even though it started at the time that they were still at the Nkandla homestead. He said the meeting ‘wasn’t concluded’ when Sona started at 7pm.”

Astonishing. The ANC has sent a clear message to the country and this is it : We will protect our leaders no matter what they do ; no matter how much they loot ; no matter how little service delivery there is ; no matter what crimes they commit. We will support them, because we are the looters of the nation and to us belong the power to subvert at any cost. Viva the skelms!

Former Constitutional Court Judge, Johan van der Westhuizen may argue that this is not a constitutional crisis, but it is a crisis. A major one.

And, it is a clear warning to all law abiding citizens who uphold the rule of law : this country no longer has a normal civil government. We are ruled by criminals. Wake up!

South Africa on the slippery slope to anarchy