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Statute amendment : ESTA : Land Tenure Security Bill

The Land Tenure Security Bill which was published for comment in Government Notice 1118 of 2010 (GG 33894, 24th December 2010) has not been promulgated. Subsequently, a further Land Tenure Security Bill has been published for comment in Government Gazette GG 39232, 25 Sep 2015, Notice 935, page 170. The draft Bill makes provision for the amendment of the Extension of Security of Tenure Act, 1997 so as to amend and insert certain definitions; to substitute the provision of subsidies with tenure grants; to further regulate the rights of occupiers; to provide for legal representation for occupiers; to further regulate the eviction of occupiers by enforcing alternative resolution mechanisms provided for in the Act; to provide for the establishment and operation of Land Rights Management Board and Land Rights Management Committees to identify, monitor and settle land rights disputes and to establish and maintain a data base of occupiers, land rights disputes and evictions; and to provide for matters connected therewith. A copy of the Bill can be found on the website of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (www.drdlr.gov.za).
We will discuss the proposed amendments here as soon as it becomes clear when and if the amendments will take effect.
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Statute amendment : ESTA : Land Tenure Security Bill