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CHRISTO SMITH Attorneys Inc. was established in 1989 with the main mission of providing a person orientated legal service.  The firm boasts an impresssive record close to 30 years ranging from successful legal claims, property transactions and divorce actions to debt collections and estates. The firm’s  competent staff component is headed by Christo Smith, a senior attorney with more than 30 years litigation experience. Jacques Smith heads the conveyancing department as well as property and estate management. The firm takes pride in its independence, siding with the common people and those who insist on premium service and knowledgeable advice. Christo Smith has authored two legal publications and regularly presents seminars on various legal topics. Read more on the links provided here.
Going through a messy divorce? Buying or selling a house? Being bullied by a bank? Struggling with a rental claim, an eviction dispute or the estate of a loved one? Covered in debt?  … hear us roar, see us care.