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The importance of a will

One of the most neglected legal processes in most peoples lives are their wills. People dislike tending to a will because they don’t like the idea of death. But lets face it, death is the most certain event in life, for each and everyone of us. Neglecting your will or leaving it in the hands of your banker, can cause serious problems for your spouse and heirs.hof2 hof3
Don’t trust a bank or unqualified person with your will. The executor is a person appointed in your will to deal with your estate (assets) after your death. Banks provide wills because they seek the executor appointment to get control of your assets. An executor stands in the deceased’s shoes after his or her death. It is therefore a position of power. By appointing a bank or broker as your executor you are handing all the power over your assets to a stranger on a platter – to the detriment of your surviving spouse and heirs. Do not underestimate the importance of an executor. We give free advice on wills.
Attorneys are trained for this : you would obviously not allow your butcher to crown a tooth. Banks provide “free” wills to get control of your assets. Christo Smith Attorneys also advise on the creation and registration of trusts and especially the use of a trust as an estate planning tool. A trust is a very efficient tool to curb estate duty and manage risk in business dealings.  We will ensure that you make wise and concise financial decisions that will benefit you and your loved ones in the long term.
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The importance of a will