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US election exposes media

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The ethics of journalism is at a low worldwide, in particular in South Africa. Opinion polls and newspaper reporting in the run-up to the US presidential election have been humiliated by the outcome. And this is only the tip of the iceberg : the mass of evil lurks below.

The SA paper Rapport, on 16 November 2016 reported the “truth” as follows : “Trump’s support is rising like a lead balloon” (translated from Afrikaans). The same article boasts various other slanderous and inaccurate statements, such as “Most right thinking Americans would probably be relieved if the weakening of the Republican Party is the price they have to pay to keep Trump our of the White House” and “…the most recent polls show that Trump will loose with more than 11 percentage points”.

This article was written by an American academic one dr Leon Schreiber. It raises eyebrows in various respects : What is a right thinking American? How has the writer established the “feelings” Americans? The untruth of the statements lie in the millions of voters in “blue” states who supported Trump, so where are the unsatisfied Republicans? Who is dr Schreiber and why is he writing for a South African newspaper?

Which polls is he referring to and to what extent did he and the South African press do their own homework. Obviously they did no homework.

Globally one can identify a pattern of two competing forces of opinion on most issues: the Liberals and the Conservatives. The Liberals are mostly less religious and support a less literal interpretation of the Bible or do not believe at all. The Conservatives are more religious and believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible. Granted, this is a very simplistic observation, but in essence people’s stance on most global issues are divided into one of these two categories. It is true that one would find a number of unreligious persons in both camps who are either conservative or liberal in all other respects. Where there seem to be more categories on an issue, they can ultimately be placed into one of the main belief systems as sub-categories of some sort.

The manifestation of this tendency in the media is but a small blister in the sickness that we are infected with from time immemorial. Those who are pro-God or show a mere taint of conservatism on any issue, are branded as a deadly threat. What is this? Is it mere malicious reporting or is it the eternal battle between light and darkness?

The fact is that political conservatism is always the target of the media, and the media is clearly in control of the Liberals. This is borne out by the fact that sexual perversion occurs in both camps, but that does not determine the media’s target.  For example, the press described Trump as an “vulgar narcissist”.  The sexual behavior of the Clintons is ostensibly excused. It is always the nature of the political view, that determines the attack : only the party that represents political conservatism, is attacked.

Further proof of an orchestrated liberal onslaught lies in the fact that any ordinary person could, with the assistance of social media and the USA election sources determine that Trump would probably win and that the polls are wrong. For instance, the attendance at rallies is usually a very good barometer. At most of Trump’s rallies thousands could not even get inside the venue. Another simple indicator is Facebook: Trump’s likes and shares were always millions ahead of Clinton’s. Did the media ignore these simple pointers because they had a pre-determined agenda? I think so.

Every newspaper report is written by one person. One single person that, guided by an editorial staff with a particular mission, claims to know what is right and claims to have the authority to tell us ordinary people what to believe and how to live. Most arrogant of all is their claim to know what is right and best for us! This they are doing in their frantic attempt to clandestinely divert the water of the political river into their own channels of darkness. This is not responsible journalism nor is it factual reporting of events.

At a secular level the media has defiled their own quarters. People all around the world are waking up to their lies. Their days are numbered, in particular spiritually : it is not long before the people are going to demand that the media be muzzled.



US election exposes media