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Online Consulting

How to consult online​
If you have attended one of our seminars we will gladly assist you with legal advice free of charge for a period of 1 year thereafter. Please indicate where and when you attended a seminar. Otherwise, please make payment of an amount of R450,00 into the following account:
Account, Christo Smith Attorneys Trust,
Absa Bank (Nelspruit)
Account No 0111 438 0080
Branch Code 632005.
Use your surname and the word “consult” as a reference and confirm in your  brief below that payment has been made as well as the date. As soon as the payment reflects on our account we will attend to your matter and advise you accordingly. Please supply full details of your problem or subject-matter. Should we require any further information we will correspond with you.
  • Note that any legal action or steps that may be required subsequent to the consultation are not included in the fee.
  • Please note that we do not consult telephonically.
  • You may submit notes in English or Afrikaans.

Please fill in the Consultation Form after you have made the payment, please confirm the payment in the message option below:

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    Alternatively, You may pay online via Credit Card:

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